Frequently Asked Questions

I want to become involved but don’t have very much extra time, is there anything I can do?

Even an hour a week can be put to good use whether it be in the office, phoning the families during Back to School or wrapping for our Angel Tree drive; the main thing is commitment. We need to be able to rely on you.

I don’t think people who cause so much grief in the community deserve my help. Why do you bother?

We are all about repairing harms caused by crime. This includes assisting the victims, the families of the wrongdoer and any others who have been affected. Very often the inmate has experienced harm in life too which has led to him or her choosing the kind of life they have. With the LORD’s help we restore them to the community.

It seems like these people don’t even want to do better, why do you care?

We believe in a justice that is restorative and that even when a person has done wrong they can be reached through love and accountability of Jesus Christ.

My family member is locked up in England and I am desperate to find out what is going on with him, can you help?

Prison Fellowship has a network covering 119 countries which means that one of our national ministry offices is likely to be able to get information from the prison where your loved one is incarcerated. Just phone or email details to us and we will take steps to assist you.

Restorative Justice
PFI's Centre for Justice and Reconciliation promotes restorative justice initiatives that work to heal broken relationships, repair the damage done by crime and restore the offender to a meaningful role in society. More...
For more information: email or telephone 295 9462.