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Offenders and victims come face to face. Inmates and victims of crime were congratulated yesterday for completing the Sycamore Tree Programme.
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Pioneering prison scheme reaps rewards. The pioneering restorative justice programme is already beginning to reap rewards in Bermuda’s prisons, according to psychologist Davina Aidoo.
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Prison Fellowship and the importance of forgiveness. Mrs. Landy learned the importance of forgiveness and the value in staying connected when loved ones go to prison so you can offer support and encouragement.
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‘I was down, broken and messed right up’ A follow up story from the Royal Gazette

CableVision Community Service Award recognises husband and wife crime counsellors who have supported both the victims and perpetrators of crime through the Bermuda Prison Fellowship. Read the full story in the Royal Gazette

From a prison cell to author poet – Karla Trott’s journey. Second chances aren’t always easy to come by in this world, but it proved exactly what former inmate Karla Trott needed to get her life back on track.

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"I was after the quick buck, but PFB helped me change."
It’s not always easy to give to a charity that supports the prisoner population, but ex-convict Nathan Richardson is urging the public to give Prison Fellowship Bermuda a second look.

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Committed for the long term. Read about "Icewater Smith" and his visits to Westgate. From Global Link which is Prison Fellowship International's monthly newsletter.
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News of the 8th International Transformative Learning Conference held in Bermuda.
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Restorative Justice
PFI's Centre for Justice and Reconciliation promotes restorative justice initiatives that work to heal broken relationships, repair the damage done by crime and restore the offender to a meaningful role in society. More...
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